How to turn your “I can’t” into “I can!”

When it comes to doubts, every single one of us has them. Often times, it has to do with whether we can achieve our dreams and goals. We want to have this type of body or do this with our life, but instead, we make choices that don’t allow us to actually make those dreams into a reality.

Here, I share 6 steps that can hopefully help move you towards those dreams:

1. Believing: The first thing you must do is believe in yourself and whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish. Make sure, however, that whatever it is that you are going after, it is something that you believe in and are passionate about. Because if it’s not, you won’t be willing to do that hard work and will most likely fail.

2. Excuses and failure: Throw out your excuses. They are just your distractions. You’re going to have many ups and even more downs. However, it’s how you choose to react that will determine your ultimate outcome. When you greet failure at your door, make sure to invite it in and learn from it. Change what needs to be changed and try again.

3. Find the right people: Cmon you saw this one coming right? I bet! But why are you still listening to those that don’t believe in you? Get away from the naysayers. Say adios, goodbye. If you can imagine it, then you can do it. That’s all you need to know. Nobody knows what’s inside of you. Nobody knows your potential. Move towards the people that believe in you and encourage you. Those are the people you need.

4. Impossible is just a word: That’s all it is. It’s been done in the history of mankind. One person says, ‘no that’s impossible.’ Next thing you know, somebody else has achieved. People achieve the ‘impossible’ every single day, and you’re no different.

5. Get to work: Taking action is how possibility turns into reality. Unless you have the courage and discipline to do the work, nothing will get done. You won’t move forward. You won’t achieve anything. So instead, set your mentality and start. Pick one thing, focus on that and put all your energy into it.

6. Set your expectations high: Set them so high it seems impossible to get there. But don’t forget that ‘impossible’ is just a word. You can do anything. You just need to believe and water that plant and before you know it, you made it.

I know I’ve said this a lot throughout many of my articles and I will keep saying it: you have one life. Just one. One chance to make it the best you can. Most of your problems come from your mind, they make the “I cannot’s” possible. But the beauty of that, folks, is that the  “I can’s” are just as possible.

So run. Run like you never have before with your dreams. You deserve to give yourself a chance. To make yourself into something incredible. It’s better you at least take a chance and have the possibility of succeeding rather than never trying at all. If you choose to not go after those dreams, then have a good time working for those who are after their dreams.

It’s your choice, folks. One (little) choice can change your whole life. So what’s your next one going to be?

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