The Path to Positivity

I know these may seem like a lot of steps and you are probably a bit fonder of shorter articles, however, I’m giving you these ideas because being positive is something you have to learn to maintain. I think offering more ideas is better since not everyone will put every idea to use.

So, before achieving a positive attitude, one must first eliminate the spaces on that path.

1. Get rid of the negativity: this is the first and most important step, whether they are things or people, just get rid of it! Think about it, how can you be positive when there is negativity consuming your life? This brings up another important point, stay away from negativity or anything that makes you unhappy and brings down your mood.

2. Surround yourself with positive and happy people: this goes hand-in-hand with step one; when you finally lose the negativity, pick up the positivity. This took me a while to figure out, but once I did, I realized the impact of my positive mood. I also realized that life is too short to be hanging out with people that only bring you down, and I want to have the most fulfilling life that I can possibly achieve.

3. Start your day with a positive thought: then go from there. Wake up each day and tell yourself “today is going to be a really great day” or, “this breakfast tastes amazing”. Start out your day with any positive thought and go from there, you will be amazed at to how this impacts the rest of your day. Eventually, you will automatically pick up this habit and it will have very pleasant surprises for you!

4. Practice self-praise: When was the last time you gave yourself a compliment? This is the moment where you can change everything, instead of saying; “I look terrible today” replace it with; “even though I only got 3 hours of sleep, I still look damn good”. While listening to a TED talk, I heard Amy Cuddy (TAG) once said, “fake it til you become it”. I treasure this advice and use it every single day. This works, which is why I’m telling you about it. What’s the worst that can happen if you try it?

5.Think of failure as an obstacle and/or a lesson learned: More often than not we are bashing ourselves for anything and everything. Whether it is not doing well on an exam or whether you forgot to do something at work, do not automatically resent yourself for it. Think of it as an obstacle or as a lesson learned and then move on. You are only wasting your own time being upset about it, instead of getting something else done that makes you happy.

6. Be grateful: I have mentioned this in my previous post ‘5 steps to happiness’ (TAG), and that is because I think this is a really important habit for everyone to pick up. This barely takes any time at all, wake up, say your thanks, and go on about your day. You will be amazed as to how your life will change for the better once you start acknowledging what you already have. As I once heard somewhere, “…you could always have more, but you could also have less.”

I have to admit something, I am extraordinary lucky because I was born with a positive attitude. However, you do not need to be born with something to acquire it. Incorporate these practices into your life and you’re on your way to a positive and healthy attitude!

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