Believe in Yourself Like Your Life Depends on it


Having self-doubt is the biggest killer of dreams.

Did you get that? Let me repeat that, self-doubt is the BIGGEST killer of dreams. And it is not something that should be taken lightly.

I genuinely believe that each and every single one of you is here on earth to do something incredible. And that something ‘incredible’ is whatever your dream or goal may be.

However, there’s a huge issue that stops 99% of people from achieving their goals by the name of doubt.

Now, doubt is a very interesting concept because it is something that we make ourselves unintentionally believe is true. Which is sort of ironic isn’t it? We subconsciously think we are going to fail instead of consciously thinking that we will succeed.

In my opinion, there are two levels of doubt. Both of which are geared towards the ultimate results of whether or not you will get anything done in life as far as goals and dreams go.

The first level is allowing others to doubt you, or worse, making you doubt yourself. It’s like a terrible magnet for some. Some people feed off opinions from others and that should never be a thing, but to feed off negatively is the worst of the worst. But sometimes, people who we seek advice from may also (and unintentionally) think they are helping by steering us in a ‘better and/or a more responsible direction.’ Don’t stoop down to their level of expectations of you. You have to be able to have confidence in yourself. After all, if you don’t then who will?

So how can you bypass this level of not allowing others’ opinions affect you? Well, this may sound silly but here it goes; pretend that you are a shield.

Now, I know how ridiculous this may sound. But seriously, prepare and be ready for 100% of people around you to think they know you better than you know yourself. Know that doubt is coming for you from all directions and automatically block your brain from even processing it. Once you can learn how to disregard opinions from others, life will seem a lot more achievable (and less stressful) for you.

Which brings us to level two: your own self-doubt.

After you have learned how to ignore other people’s comments about your life and dreams, the only thing you are left to face is yourself.

Learning to believe in yourself is by far a much harder task than learning to ignore opinions from others. Because it requires you to already have some self-confidence in yourself (read HERE on how to acquire some confidence by using 5 simple steps). Without a little bit of confidence, this task will be much harder to achieve.

In order to believe in yourself, you have to take two very simple steps. You have to TRULY and authentically believe in yourself and take an action step to defeat the doubt. You must believe in yourself like your entire life depends on it. What other choice do you have? You want to accomplish something? Well, how in the world would that happen if your mind isn’t even set for it properly? You need to repeat, “I can do this,” every minute of every day. When the doubts start to arise, you need to shut it down immediately. The best way to do that is to repeat it, believe it, and then take a positive actionable step towards your goal and slam that doubt down.

Let’s use an example. Say your goal is to drop 25 pounds. You’ve already started to ignore the naysayers (great job!) and now you have to be able to fight through yourself. You have an exercise plan that you have been sticking to. You need to run 5 miles after you’ve just sweated and worked out on the weights and are now tired. A thought begins to arise in your head immediately, “how could I possibly do that right now?” Easy, don’t give yourself a choice and just begin. Don’t think about how long it’s going to take to do that and whether or not you’ll have enough energy to do it. Don’t bother coming up with the excuses. It’ll just drag you down more. Just get started. Don’t let doubt win, train your mind to overcome the obstacles.

When you have reached the 5 miles then you know, better than anyone else, that you have just killed one of your doubts. You persevered and showed you who the boss is.

So that’s it. Simple as that. Disregard others negative opinions of you, it’ll do you no good. Then learn to shut down your own doubts and instead take an actionable step towards your goal. DONE. Keep practicing this and eventually you won’t even remember what doubt it, or in the least, you won’t allow it to phase you any further.

To conclude this whole self-doubt bologna, ask yourself an honest and simple question: what do you really have to lose by simply believing in yourself?


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