Persevering Into The Unknown

I am leaving. I’m going on a journey to an unfamiliar, faraway land.

I have just finished my last semester of undergrad and have spent majority of it trying to convince my parents that this is what I should do next. That it is the right thing.

They said, “We don’t agree that this is a good idea. In fact, it’s quite stupid. You need to stay here and apply for a long term substitution job so you’re prepared for the fall when you get a full time teaching job.”

They are right and but they are also wrong. Truth is, when you’re a teacher you’re never truly prepared for anything, you have to be very flexible and open to different possibilities and circumstances. However, after being in several elementary school classrooms throughout my college career and spending countless hours with students; I think I have a pretty good idea as to what goes on in the classroom and how to prepare for it both instructionally and mentally.

Not only that, but it is not guaranteed that I would have a full time job in the fall just because I took a long-term substitution job this spring. Nothing is promised.

It is also important to take into consideration that Pennsylvania is on the list of TOP 6 States that needs teachers. Therefore I am not that worried. Also, my life motto is “whatever is meant to be will happen.”

This semester I student-taught in a kindergarten classroom. I loved every second of it. I loved my co-operating teacher. I loved all of my students. Each and every one of them has the ability to be the next great person to make history. Overall, I enjoyed my experience immensely and I am confident that this is what I could do for the rest of my life.

However, I knew going into this last semester that I was going to do something very different after I finished college. I was going to go on an adventure.

Typically, when I discuss(ed) this idea with adults the usual response was; “oh man! I wish I did that after I graduated but instead I got a job and before I knew it, I had settled into my routine for the rest of my life.”

This sounded terrifying to me. Routine? Settling down? I’m not ready for that just yet.

I had no commitments. So why not now? When else would I get an opportunity to do something like this? Right now is all that we have, so why wait when tomorrow is not even promised?

So my dad and I disagreed, and it was prominent that he didn’t want me to go and it broke my heart because, for the first time in my life, we truly had a disagreement about my path. My overwhelming (and unnecessary) anxiety about leaving my family also did not help this situation.

It actually got to the point where I was second-guessing my dream because my parents were so upset over it. But luckily, with a little help from my friends I decided that this was the right move for me. Thanks ya’ll.

So I built up some courage and, after what felt like a million disagreements, I told my parents that I’m going with or without their approval. This may not seem like a difficult task; telling your parents how it is. However, this was unusual of my parents since they have always encouraged me to travel, experience life, and follow my dreams. Except for this dream.

So dad, if you’re reading this I love you muchos and I’ll be back before you know it. Because it’s okay! It’s through the struggles (even the little ones) that we grow and become stronger.

I don’t want to be one of those adults that say, “Oh I wish I had done that but it never happened because I settled down and got comfortable.”

Instead, I aspire to be the young adult that takes her dreams and runs with them to the goal line, no matter the obstacle. Because in the end ladies and gentleman, it’s not what we say, it’s what we do that shapes our lives.

Jobs are always there. Opportunities for adventure? Not as often but often enough (if you know where to look). So before you settle down and get too comfortable, what are the place(s) that you have always wanted to visit?

Traveling is incredible. It opens up your heart and your mind, and one day, you will never know what you might find.

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  1. Love the new look girl! I know you won’t regret your decision. It might have been a tough one but once you’re there it will all make sense. And J will totally be jealous haha. xxx

    1. Olya says:

      Thank you!!!!! (and thanks for helping convince me into doing it even more!)

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